JrNYLC Reviews: Student Testimonials

Below are more in-depth interviews with students who have recently attended the program. Some of the students are alumni of multiple Envision programs.

After attending programs with Envision, now I know...

How to be a leader. I know it seems cheesy or stereotypical, but before Envision, I was very shy and kept to myself. By attending Envision programs, I’ve learned how to be more extroverted, how easy it can be to make friends, participate in discussions, or take charge of a group or situation. I know that without the experiences I’ve had, I wouldn’t have matured and grown as much as I have.

Catherine B.
Alumna of NYLF Explore STEM, JrNYLC, JrNYLC Alumni, NYLSC, NYLF Medicine, NYLF Advanced Medicine & Health Care, Advanced Emergency Medicine, and GYLC Pre-College Excursion

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What is the most memorable moment of your program experience?

The most memorable moment of my experience was what leadership traits I gained, especially communication.

Lauren M.
Alumna of JrNYLC and NYLF Pathways to STEM

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What would you tell other students who are interested in attending the JrNYLC program?

It is definitely an experience you'll never forget. If you're nervous, don't be! You won't make any regrets in going.

Kailey O.
Alumna of JrNYLC

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